Nose-diving on Reddit

The idea was to replace an open, above-ground ASD/NT group forum that a moderator impulsively killed two weeks ago. Sadly, when a Reddit sub goes away so do all its members and the connections being built between them, day by day. Ghosted, though they may have posted hundreds of times on the ASPIE/NT sub, their profile now says they have not posted on Reddit at all yet, ever. Right next to their hundreds of up-votes and awards for having done just that. Pffft, all their content disappeared. That’s work, people. Gone forever. Because some hothead lost their self-control.

So I put a little something together in case the members wanted to keep it going but the only people who found the sub were neurodiverse trolls. One good faith aspie did show up and dangled her trust, but after 23 comments she figured I was up to no good. Then they found my blog. Make that my shitty, horrifying, unreadable, ableist piece of shit blog. Which is proofread by my self-hating, autistic partner. Thanks for that, first time I’ve seen him do a spit-take in the years we’ve been together.

When they’re not trying to hack into this joint, the trolls are e-bombing me daily with 5,000 messages and fake Chinese subscriptions which is what I get for making my email available. Disproportionate aggression over a blog not to their taste? Nothing any fourteen year old can’t explain. If it were up to me we would talk things over. First thing I’d have to report is my spam folder works great and WordPress is current with the cybersecurity.

There will be no talking. They want to shut down conversation. And they’re pretty damn good at it. There’s not much I stand for but this: You can’t be silenced by a group that misapprehends your message. The will to silence indicates misapprehension. The way to cure misunderstanding is with more words, not fewer. What’s unique about this mob is the attempt to cloak their authoritarianism under the mantle of disability rights. This crock of shit is destined to be short-lived, once the targeting of public figures begins to backfire.

Many autistic self-advocates believe that the only reason profoundly autistic individuals aren’t articulating insightful ideas is that their parents and society have failed them. Lutz cites one particularly obnoxious self-advocate who, in a blog post, mocked a parent for praying every day that her child would have the self-awareness to speak for herself, never mind join a social justice movement: The blogger, Lutz writes, “doesn’t accept that there are those whose significant intellectual disability precludes the level of abstract thinking, logical reasoning and creative processing necessary to make any kind of philosophical argument.” Lutz answers this writer’s contempt with a coolness and clarity I could never muster. (Having had my own tangles with the #actuallyautistic murder hornets on Twitter a couple of years ago — a tangle that eventually escalated to death threats and an online petition that my son be removed from my care — I am a seething hot mess when faced with this kind of stuff.)

I’ve always made space for trolls within reason. They’re fun to watch, and giving them room to play keeps them out of bigger trouble. Take, for instance, the Neurodiversity Relationship Troll, quick to quote Dr. Stephen Shore’s line “If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.” The NRT then attacks an unsuspecting Redditor’s legitimate complaint about difficulties with an autistic partner. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth with zero awareness. Claims his interlocutor is stereotyping autistics without realizing he is doing it by insisting what she says about her husband is a reflection on him. In the NRT’s view an ASD-linked couple has no internal dynamic, no alchemy, no history, and examination on a case-by-case basis is unheard of because their real marital problems are rooted in babbleism and on and on it goes. His needs, his agenda, his judgments, his interpretations, his evaluations, his overbearing ego, and his defensive denial that he’s taking the opening post personally. You had to be there. Fun while it lasted. And now I’m done. All the merry little elves can go hang themselves.

This blog is for those who recognize the difference between a literal fact and a literary hook in an opening line. I don’t want to brag, but any relationship can become abusive is not an idiot parade signifying two people who glorify domestic violence. Perhaps a trigger warning was due? Careful! verisimilitude ahead.

To be totally ignorant but completely certain is to pounce on bilious over-the-top anger while missing the vulnerability lurking under the top. Come here humorless, and un-entertainable and you’ll pay no mind the self-deprecation. Do you know what this is? This means to be forthright about my own lunacy, narcissistic defenses, truly needy, ever greedy, wordy attachment style, and spotty taste in film. Hacking neurotrolls don’t come here looking for the evenhanded, they’re looking for the word autism and anything linked to it they don’t comprehend. That means it’s wrong, and that’s a dopamine hit. Self-righteous fuel. No other perspective exists. These are the people who walk into an art museum and demand the nudes be covered up. Is that necessary? What kind of place are you running here?

Where the more fucked up you are the more offended you’ll be by the way I put a sentence together. That kind of place. Thanks for stopping by. Like and subscribe!

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